Privacy is freedom.

Refuge was created in the fall of 2019 with the invention of the first microphone and camera blocking phone case.  After seeing many of his colleagues in tech and high security covering the cameras and mics on their phones with tape and other rudimentary fixes, our founder began to work on a more formal solution.  Our microphone and camera blocking case sold out quickly, but it left one major vulnerability- the phone was still "there" in the sense that it was still trackable and hackable: even if the microphones and cameras were covered, a stalker or a hacker could still access or track the phone.

The Refuge Ghost Sleeve

With this in mind, while a close friend was dealing with a stalker who had installed spyware on his phone, and the rise of invasive use of location data by big tech and corrupt governments during Covid-19- we decided to make a Faraday sleeve that would render the phone "invisible" as long as it was inside.  At the time, there were a few Faraday sleeves on the market, but all were cutting costs by manufacturing abroad with cheap, inconvenient, unaesthetic features, such as velcro closures and synthetic materials- so we found a source in the USA who could make our design with real American Buffalo leather, sound dampening panels on each side of the sleeve, and significantly improved, multi-layer signal blocking.  

We believe it is safe to assume that any feature that gives big data and hackers access to you- microphones, cameras, GPS location, etc- will be used to do so, as even the legal entities have been caught collecting this information after we opt out (Including Apple, Google, and Facebook).  The Ghost Sleeve is a solution for real-world individuals for both security and peace of mind.  Your location, your conversations, and your life- is your private business, and we'd like to help you keep it that way.

What we are not.

We are not a quick flip, pop up & leave online business.  We've been around for four years now working on a problem we consider significant, and a matter of life or death in some cases. 

We don't appreciate companies that virtue signal as American, sell to Americans, but take shortcuts and make their product overseas- so we make ours in America, every step of the way. 

We don't like receiving automated spam emails from companies after buying a product, or "abandoned cart" emails, so we don't send them.

We're proud of our product and what it does for our customers, and that's enough for us.

The Refuge Ghost Signal & Sound Blocking Faraday Phone Sleeve