Size Guide FAQ

A question that comes up for us often is which Ghost Sleeve is the appropriate size for any specific phone.  We post the following graphic on our product pages but we understand this does not answer all possible questions regarding cases, etc.

In short: we recommend the larger sleeve unless you carry your phone without a case, or if you carry a standard iPhone sized phone with a very low profile/thin case. 

We have recently added several millimeters to the width of the smaller sleeve to accommodate more phone models with cases.  However, as a general rule, we recommend the larger sleeve unless you own a standard size iPhone and smaller, and will be using the sleeve without a case, or a very low profile case.  If you carry your phone without a case, the precise maximum for both height and width for phones appropriate for the the smaller sleeve is an iPhone 14 Pro Max (or 12 Pro Max, 13 Pro Max, or 15 Pro Max, they are all nearly the exact same dimensions). They will fit snug and tight with no room to spare after a small stretch of the leather- without a case.  In a case, none of these larger phones will fit the smaller sleeve. Further, smaller/standard sized iPhones will not fit the small sleeve if used with a large case. Standard sized phones in a small case will fit in the smaller sleeve tightly, with no room to spare, and the leather will form to the phone with some usage.

This is a tool we use to compare phones.  You may type in your phone and it can compare to Max sizes to double check:

If your average sized phone (standard or "Pro" iPhone 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 for reference) is in an XL OtterBox style case, we recommend the larger sleeve.

If you have further questions we are happy to help in our store's chat messenger.

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