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Refuge Privacy

The Refuge Ghost 3.0 Faraday Phone Sleeve

The Refuge Ghost 3.0 Faraday Phone Sleeve

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From design to manufacture and inspection, every step of the way. A growing trend is “Designed in America”, with companies hiding their production location. We do not cut this corner and never will.

Update in the new 3.0 Model: Out of thousands of 2.0 sleeves sold, a handful of customers mentioned that heavy usage could cause wear on the edges of the sleeve.  The new 3.0 has beautiful hand-painted, color-matched edges that will better stand up to heavier usage, for customers using the sleeve "in the field". 

Your smartphone is useful, and you probably need it close by.  The catch is that its cameras, microphones, and GPS give hackers, stalkers, and big tech access to your private life- and this can happen even when the phone is powered off. The Ghost Sleeve makes it disappear in those moments of your day that you’d like to keep private, from the morning meeting to the nightstand. 

Our 3.0 Ghost Sleeve blocks all signal to and from your phone, including higher frequency 5G that other sleeves miss.  In addition to the signal and location blocking, it is also the only Faraday sleeve with sound blocking added.  Your private life, from your location to your conversations, is fully guarded by the Ghost Sleeve.

Most wait until they have a security or data incident to take their privacy seriously. 

The Ghost Sleeve is for those who plan ahead.

For sizing help, please see size guide photo, and for your phone’s exact dimensions, click here.  For further sizing help, see our Size Guide FAQ here.

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  • Signal and Location

    Premium Faraday fabric lining blocks signal and location even at higher 5G frequencies; your phone is unhackable in the Ghost Sleeve, and can't be followed by anyone with prior access.

  • Sound

    We added sound blocking panels to each side of the sleeve, because apps listening to your conversations to sell you ads are just the tip of the iceberg.

  • Sight

    Cameras can be hacked and accessed remotely, and are regularly abused by app permissions- including the one facing you all day.


But I have nothing to hide.

Any time you wouldn't want a hidden camera, mic, and GPS recording and following you, neither should your phone. These moments are what the Ghost Sleeve was designed for.

Beyond the shorter term security and blackmail risks of stalkers and hackers (and this happens more often than it makes the news), big tech has also proven to be highly untrustworthy with its access to these features on our phones, from insecure storage of our personal data to explicitly selling it to third parties.

It's not about what you have to hide, but what you have to protect.

How do I use it?

From the business meeting to the nightstand, the Ghost Sleeve was designed to block all your phone's surveillance features whenever you want total privacy, while your phone is not in active use.

The Ghost Sleeve is not meant to bury your phone 24/7, nor can it be used while your phone is actively being used.

Doesn't Airplane Mode or turning my phone off keep me from being tracked?

In short, no. In airplane mode, some outgoing signal is blocked, but location and other signals can be received. They can be tracked even when powered off, because a phone isn’t actually off until it’s battery is removed. For more information on this question, click here.

Will I miss out on texts or voicemails?

Texts and voicemails missed in the sleeve will arrive when signal is regained outside of the sleeve.

Will it drain my phone's battery?

While it is true that battery can drain faster than normal as a phone repeatedly tries and fails to find signal, this issue is solved by quickly swiping the phone into airplane mode before longer periods in the sleeve.

Does it protect me from WiFi/5G radiation, and EMP?

We start with a premium quality Faraday fabric inner lining, and then add a custom touch to it to make it even stronger, blocking even higher frequency 5G that other sleeves miss. We are confident our sleeve will protect your device from tracking, radiation, and EMP as well as anything on the civilian market.

"In our field of work, it's understood that if somebody wants to get into your unprotected phone, its going to happen. We'd have to put our phones in metal boxes before meetings- not anymore."

Anthony S, private security.

  • John E.

    Beautiful leather sleeve, I'd carry it even if it didn't help me unplug. Keeps me "in the moment" on the boat or with my family.

  • Brandon L.

    I had my phone hacked into recently and I was extremely fortunate to have found out before things got worse. Knowing what I know now, I don't have a single day out and about without the Ghost Sleeve.

  • A.R.

    With a mic, camera, and GPS on us all day through our phones, it's shortsighted to not consider the future of all the data gathering. That's why I carry my Ghost Sleeve often.

  • Anthony S, private security

    In our field of work, it's understood that if somebody wants to get into your unprotected phone, it's going to happen. We'd have to put our phones into metal boxes before meetings- not anymore.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 36 reviews
Emilia S
Absolutely delighted!

l used the ghost sleeve while on vacation. Once my phone was in the sleeve and disconnected, I truly felt like I was on vacation. All of my girlfriends ordered them when we got home. Beautiful case, works great. Thank you, Refuge!!!

The Goat

Really nice sleeve. Came promptly.

Very Good.

Excellent quality and looks great.

Gerry Papp


Christopher Olson

The Refuge Ghost 2.0 Faraday Phone Sleeve, Heavy

Keeping you covered since 2019.

We started with the invention of the first microphone and camera blocking phone case four years ago. As long as big tech, hackers, and stalkers are scheming for your personal data, we'll be working to protect it. 

About Refuge